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このサイトは海外アニメ「ヴォルトロン(VOLTRON Legendary Defender)」の二次創作サイトです。
個人の趣味で運営されており、関係各社様(公式様、企業・版権元様 等)とは一切ご関係はございません。

  • 作品のネタバレ及びパロディ要素
  • キャラの性格変更等の作品・キャラ崩壊要素
  • BL、やおい等の男性同士の同性愛要素
  • 成人向け(性描写等)要素



This site is a secondary fan site for the overseas anime “Voltron Legendary Defender”.
This site is operated as a personal hobby, and has no relationship with any official, company, or copyright holder.

  • Spoiler alert!
  • Alternative Universe
  • Trigger warning
  • Out of Character
  • Slash fanfiction
  • #NSFW

If you are not an adult, or if you do not understand the meaning of the above, please do not view this site.

This site consists of text in English and Japanese.
(Only the blog is in Japanese text.)